Philosophy and Tech

Certainty Chart

CertaintyGeneral Area of Possibility
87%-99%Almost certain
40%-60%Chances about even
40%-20%Probably not
2%-12%Almost certainly not

Nurturing Ideas

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. – Robin Williams
Ideas are fragile things, that need nurturing. When confronted with a new idea, stop and think about it for 5 minutes before making up your mind. Let the idea settle in,  it might just be the next big thing.

How to Focus

I have a lot of competing goals and ideas that prevent me from focusing on any one. This constant thrashing is a waste of my time which has affected by chess improvement goals and derailed potential income generating ideas.

Below is a simple system that I plan to implement that will help me stay focused

I am breaking down the process into a planning and a doing phase. In the planning phase, I select the tasks to work on based on long-term goals. The doing phase is where I spend my time working on the tasks.
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Learning Laravel the Right Way

I am on my first week of my Laravel journey, and so far so good. I setup my development environment using Bitnami, settled on Atom as my editor and began learning Laravel using Laracasts.

Laravel Environment Setup

You have three installation options:

Laravel Homestead is an official, Vagrant virtual machine that comes pre-installed with all of the Laravel requirements. The benefit with Homestead is that you will not have to install anything on your machine.

I chose the Bitnami WAMP stack option, and so far it has worked for me. Download version 5.6, because the newer versions do not have Laravel installed.

As part of the setup you are going to need to settle on an IDE or editor. It seems the Laravel community prefers Sublime Text, but I settled on Atom, my favorite editor.

If you prefer a full blown PHP IDE, then PHPStorm might be an option.

Learning Resources

Laravel versus Ruby on Rails versus Django

I am going to start working on a chess website project, and after brainstorming the idea I needed to decide which web technology to use for the site.

The three contenders are Ruby on Rails, Django or PHP using the Laravel Framework.

I have decided to go with Laravel after reading Craig Hewitt’s assessment and deciding that for me ease of learning and deployment to production are most important.

Laravel Resources